Final Edit

The final and completed edit of our romantic comedy production, ‘The Other Man’. All the research, planning, filming and editing has left us with the video below, the final product of my groups hard work.


Final Product Feedback

I have sent the link to the final edit to multiple people and have asked for them to give feedback on what they thought of the video, as well as good and bad points. It is important to receive feedback in order to see if we have met the genre, the target audience and if the film is liked. As a group we also made a group chat with some of our peers to receive feedback, on a quicker and more productive scale.

Messages received via Facebook messenger.

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The progression I have made from my preliminary task to my final product

I have recorded a Vlog of myself talking about what I feel we have learnt and how we have progressed from our prelim task to our final edit. To do this I first watch our prelim production and bullet pointed notes on the positive and negative aspects of the task, I then did the same with our final production, and thought about the changes we had made with our teamwork, camera skills, editing skills and planning ability. I have discussed the points, in brief, in the below self assessing video.

Technologies & What I have learnt about them

I am looking at the variation of technology my group and I have used to create our production and the way my technology skill has developed. To do this I looked back at my blog to recall all the different software, equipment and websites I had used over the duration of the making of this production. By creating this post I am highlighting and acknowledging my abilities with a range websites and equipment, and the new things that I have learnt and the skills I have developed as a result of this production.

I have created a PowToon to show the software and websites I have used in the production of my rom com film. *I didn’t mention in the video below that we also used YouTube to download Copyright free music and score

The technical equipment I used to aid in the production of my romantic comedy are a Camera and tripod, artificial lighting and a laptop.

I have had a lot of experience using various types of cameras for photography but never anything more than a simple iPhone video when it came to filming. We ended up using a Canon EOS 100D, 18 mega pixel, 1080p at 60 frames per sec. I learnt some new things about filming, you can not just set up from on perfect frame or shot as the lighting, models, props, setting etc. have to be in the perfect place at the perfect time for a continued period of time whilst flowing together from frame to frame. This was something I found more challenging, however it was a good experience. The tripod we used alongside the camera was very simple to set up, use and manoeuvre.

I have previously used artificial lighting for photoshoots, however with filming you have to ensure the lighting is good from all angels as the actors move through out a scene, this was a new challenge and something I found increasingly difficult. When filming in the natural light it was easy to position the characters facing the light, to cover there faces, but inside was harder, we decided on overhead lighting, blacked out windows and spot lights and reflectors for close ups.

All the work was done on Laptop, excluding our storyboard. Our group used Macbook Pros & airs, as they have large storage capacity, we all had the latest updates meaning all our applications were to the highest standard and our work could be done quickly and efficiently as our laptops were not old or slow. This was vital when editing to prevent any unnecessary waiting.


Attracting & addressing my target audience

Here is an annotated version of my media production, looking at the way in which I have attracted or addressed targeted audience, at different points throughout the opening scenes. I have done this to show that I am aware of the wants of my audience and to prove that I have planned and produced a film suited to them.

***This video may need to be paused the read the annotation, as some of the writing is on screen for a shorter amount of time than can be read in, my apologises.

Targeted audience for my production

This evaluation looks at who I perceive to be my ‘Perfect’ audience member. I have refered to the website www.uktribes.com. I have also looked back to my original idea of the ‘Perfect’ audience member, in an earlier post. I have considered the background, style, interests and music taste, as well as tv and film favourites. Knowing who our target audience was throughout planning, research and production, allowed us to create a production suitable for them and there interests, as they are a big market which we did not want to deter.

I have categorised my ‘Perfect’ audience member through ‘UK Tribes’ as a fangirl; They are defined as young girls “united by their love for musicians, vloggers, bloggers, models, books, TV series, TV personalities (and anyone in between) the Fan Girls start at 13 years upwards and are a powerful force on social media – and big spenders on merchandise and experiences”.

I’ve created a digital poster with a short overview of a stereotypical ‘Perfect’ audience member profile. I have done this to show what I person in the main body of our target audience could possibly be like. This of course is just one example, as our target audience is expansive.Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 15.28.32.png

Our production is not limited to just this group. Romantic comedies are aimed at female ranging from 13 through to the elderly, however, they are not just limited to girls, boys can enjoy them just as much; we considered this and created humour to suit them, such as they way ‘Frankie’ checked out ‘Rosie’. By creating characters with different personalities and backgrounds we can attract a wider variety of viewers; people want to be watching someone similar to themselves or someone they find attractive, with our strategical planning we’ve ensured our characters have been stretched out enough to cover the majority.

To ensure our production met the needs of the target audience, we created our female lead to reflect the target viewers; basing ‘Rosie’ on our ‘perfect’ audience member allows them to connect with the onscreen character, they can see themselves in here and likely relate to the situations she is involved in.

Distribution institutes I might use to produce me media product & why?

Here is a slideshow of the screenshots from my prezi, that looks at the distribution institution I have chosen for my product & why, as well as my knowledge of distribution companies and there importance.

***I was unable to embed the prezi into my blog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our chosen distribution company is ’20th Century Fox’. They are a suitable choice due to us as there market is primarily the US and Britain, our 2 target markets. By using ’20th Century Fox’ we are increasing our chances of the film being widely distributed, as they have a solid name, being one of the biggest names in the film and television industry, with a pre-existing audience and a good name, as having good, well made and successful films.

Below I have included a graph to show the tickets sold by all distributors and the market share held by ’20th Century Fox’ from the year 1995 to 2017. From the graph you can see the share in the market that they hold in each given year,it rarely fell below 10% and has reached as high as 17.5%.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 08.59.43.png

It is extremely important that our film is a success, this will make a large sum of money that is needed to pay off cast, crew, workers, other companies, bills, etc. that we have used during the process of creating the film. If we fail to sell our product on a large scale and do not make enough money back, we would be unable to pay anyone, be in large amounts of debt and be unable to make anymore films, as our company would have a reputation of creating poor movies.

Representation of social groups

Here I have created a directors commentary, looking at the social groups I have included within my media product, I have included some images to make the video more interesting.

When considering the different social groups we had represented in our production, I looked at the physical appearance of the on screen characters, as well as their character profiles; hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes, etc. and their personal backgrounds. When considering all of the above things of the 3 characters, I realised that we had briefly include multiple social groups.